BIO El Paso-Juarez Formally Launched!

November 8, 2018

EL PASO, TX – November 5, 2018.  The Medical Center of the Americas Foundation, in partnership with the Cluster Biomedico de Juarez, is pleased to announce the formation and launch of the first bi-national membership organization representing the region’s robust medical device innovation and manufacturing industry.

The 501(c)6 non-profit organization, BIO El Paso-Juarez, Inc., will initially work to promote the regional medical device manufacturing and innovation industry, which is comprised of over 30 medical device manufactures and conservatively estimated to employ over 40,000 people, including a robust supply chain specific to medical device manufacturing. 

El Paso and Juarez are considered the “Capital of Manufacturing” in the Southwest.  Building upon more than 50 years of expertise in manufacturing capabilities, the region now has a concentrated medical device industry comprised of some of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers.  In addition to manufacturing medical devices that improve healthcare across the globe, the industry also has the resources to design, prototype, and test new products.

BIO El Paso-Juarez, Inc. is a membership-based, volunteer-driven organization.  Its inception began at the “Future of the Medical Device Industry in El Paso & Juarez Symposium” hosted by the MCA Foundation and the cluster Biomedico de Juarez in November of 2017.  There, representatives from the region’s manufacturers and suppliers, as well as regional universities and economic development organizations, indicated the need for an organization that would work to support the continued growth and specific needs of the medical device industry.  Founders held firmly the belief that the organization needs to be truly representative of the bi-national metroplex that El Paso and Juarez comprise; hence, the name and the logo representing the DNA strand (Rio Grande symbol) joining the two cities. 

The official launch of BIO El Paso-Juarez signals that the region’s thriving medical device industry is a major player in the U.S. and global biomanufacturing arena with an attractive value proposition for companies looking for cost-effective and more flexible ways to improve their manufacturing capabilities to respond to the actual market needs.  The organization also puts El Paso / Juarez on the map with BIO affiliates across Texas, the United States & Mexico, as well as internationally.

BIO El Paso-Juarez’s initial focus will be to map, enhance and promote the region’s vast manufacturing capabilities, create networks within the existing industry, attract new manufacturers and suppliers to the region, strengthen the region’s leadership in medical innovation and ultimately improve the quality of patience care delivered through the products developed in this region.

Founding members of BIO El Paso-Juarez include Seisa Medical, IngenioRx, RexMed, Ethicon, Dynatec Labs, BD, and El Paso Electric.  Supporting members include the City of El Paso, El Paso County, and the Borderplex Economic Alliance.  The founding board includes two representatives from the Cluster Biomedico de Juarez, two representatives from the MCA Foundation, and one bi-national industry representative.  Founding board members are: Julio Chiu, Founder and CEO, Seisa Medical; Carlos Murguia, President and CEO, RexMed, Mylena Walker, Director of Product Planning and Cost Optimization, Cardinal Health; Holly Trubowitsch, CFO, Main Strike Telecommunications, Inc.; and, Rudy Piña, President, Dynatec Labs. 

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