Medical Manufacturing in a Digital System

November 17, 2020

Bio El Paso-Juárez (BIO EPJ) is a leading ecosystem for medical device manufacturing. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many manufacturers in the region, BIO EPJ continues enhancing and improving the innovation, investment, and resilience of the medical device industry to increase its global competitiveness.

El Paso has helped local manufacturers meet regulatory standards for the production of medical technology, including but not limited to personal protective equipment. It has also enabled vendors in the regional medical device technology industry to enter the market.

First virtual medical devices trade show in El Paso- Juárez

Every year BIO EPJ offers a medical device summit, but this year due to the sanitary restrictions imposed by the government in view of the on-going pandemic, the event will take place in a safe virtual platform. BIO El Paso - Juarez will host the first virtual trade fair for medical devices in the border region.

This virtual trade show will allow local suppliers to make valuable connections with leading companies that might benefit from the El Paso-Juárez manufacturing capabilities, thus making it possible to link biotechnology companies with institutions to boost the local economy.

Over the years, BIO EPJ has been known as the best place to bring together manufacturing companies in the region to present them as a single group.

According to Hector Palacios, COO at RexMed Health, BIO El Paso - Juarez network has several benefits to offer to international companies that seek to produce near the United States. Because of the accelerated growth of BIO EPJ and the infrastructure as contract manufacturers, the region has been able to distinguish itself from other medical research parks.

Mylena Walker, Director of Product Planning and Costs Optimization at Cardinal Health and Hector Palacios, COO at RexMed Health From Start to Finish Event Series Part I: Product Design + Prototyping.

What do you hope to achieve with the Bio El Paso-Juárez virtual summit and trade show?

BIO EPJ has been an innovative cluster with great growth opportunities in the sector, and, through their virtual expos, they are able to obtain great benefits.

This 3rd Annual BIO EPJ Summit which will be presented on  December 15th and 16th aims to become an educational and digital networking event. The purpose of this summit is to bring together leaders to discuss the current state of the industry and open up a safe and interactive space for vendors to showcase their potential.

In addition, action will also be taken about the next steps needed to prepare for a post-Covid-19 future. This virtual networking event will be a truly unique opportunity for all members of the future medical technology industry.

The virtual summit, to be hosted by Bio El Paso-Juárez, will feature webinars, panels, and a virtual showroom where visitors can learn more about the biomedical manufacturing community in El Paso and Juárez and its regional capabilities. 

Therefore, it is expected that the following will be achieved through the first virtual expo:

  • The opportunity to network and learn in a virtual environment.
  • Good scope for getting alliances through potential contacts.
  • Acceleration of negotiations remotely.
  • Companies will have the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and products.
  • The virtual conferences will be in charge of supporting and strengthening the biomedical manufacturing industry sector.

Enjoy the best Biomedical Device Cluster

For more medical devices upcoming events stay tuned for our updates, you can also register for our virtual summit that will take place on December 15-16, 2020 at

Definitely, Bio EPJ is a medical manufacturer cluster that has a lot of possibilities to continue growing as it has been seen for many years. This year, through the virtual summit the implementation of new quality products will be achieved and thus will promote negotiations with companies in the biomedical industry.

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