4th Annual BIO El Paso - Juárez Summit, MedTech Manufacturing on the U.S. / Mexico Border: Building a Resilient Bi-National Industry

November 9, 2021

On November 9th and 10th, BIO El Paso - Juárez hosted its 4th Annual Summit, “MedTech Manufacturing on the U.S. / Mexico Border: Building a Resilient Bi-National Industry” sponsored by RexMed Health, The Center for Innovation and Advanced Technology Integration (CIITA in Spanish), Avantor, and Workforce Solutions Borderplex.

Regional leaders in the medical device industry, economic development, and immersive technologies discussed how the border manufacturing economy contributes to improving global health.

The MedTech industry in the El Paso - Juárez region plays a critical role in the global medical supply chain as the main manufacturing hub. The main objective of the 4th Annual BIO EPJ Virtual Summit was to focus on MedTech Manufacturing on the U.S. and Mexico border.

This virtual event concluded with an in-person reception which took place at the Centro de Innovación e Integración de Tecnologías Avanzadas (CIITA).

The Summit began on November 9th at 4:00 pm with the Kick-Off & Keynote, “Resetting the Stage for MedTech Innovation” in which Ryan Pierce, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, and MedTech Innovator, and Emma Schwartz, CEO of BIO El Paso-Juárez, gave a welcoming message to the two-day event. They discussed MedTech innovation, capital investment in the biomedical sector, and medical device trends.

Followed by the keynote topic, the “Nurse Innovator Accelerator Demo Day” featured healthcare professionals in the Nurse Innovator Accelerator program. Nurse Innovators presented products such as a seizure monitoring device created by a registered nurse who had experience treating patients with epilepsy. Other healthcare professionals presented the idea of a self-management tool, disinfecting hand dryer, and redesigned surgical forceps. One team in the program even developed an educational system for public health nursing courses that are integrated with informatics.

On the second day of the Summit, panelists discussed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the biomedical sector, creating sustainable supply chains, and the benefit of using immersive technologies. Panels featured during the event were, COVID-19 Pandemic Response: Impact of Binational Manufacturing and Lessons Learned; Creating Sustainable Supply Chains in the U.S./Mexico Border; Digital Transformation of Medical Device Manufacturing: Industrial Applications of Immersive Technologies in Highly Regulated Industries; and, The Future of MedTech: Innovation and Acceleration.

BIO El Paso - Juárez aimed to provide a networking opportunity for biomedical industry professionals and community leaders. Attendees learned about future challenges as well as how technology has been used throughout the medical device manufacturing industry to remain globally competitive.

The region´s biomedical innovation begins here!, live again at our 4th Annual BIO El Paso-Juarez Summit 2021 BY CLICKING HERE.

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The region’s biomedical innovation begins here.