Industry Reports

The El Paso-Juarez region is home to over 40 medical device manufacturers and a robust ecosystem of suppliers and service providers who support the development of hundreds of millions of medical devices and products each year. BIO EPJ collects data from local, state, and international industry sources and leaders to understand trends and challenges faced by the industry.

Sterilization Services

BIO El Paso-Juarez supports a strong supplier base for the development and production of medical devices and supplies. Ethylene Oxide Sterilization is a necessary process for over 50% of all medical device production. BIO EPJ developed a “Sterilization Issue Paper” and “Regional Sterilization Survey” which highlights the need for EO sterilization in the region, published in March 2021.

Issue Paper: Medical Device Sterilization in Santa Teresa, NM

Regional Sterilization Survey

Impact of COVID-19

BIO El Paso-Juarez surveyed regional medical device manufacturers and suppliers to understand how they are responding and being impacted by COVID-19. The survey results and findings are found in this report published in March 2020.

BIO EPJ COVID 19 Survey Report

Recomendaciones y aprendizajes industria médica - Contingencia COVID-19

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