Cross-border vaccination program for maquiladoras in Ciudad Juárez

August 15, 2021

Cross-border vaccination program for maquiladoras in Ciudad Juárez

To contribute to the public health of the El Paso-Juárez community, especially industrial workers, 33,550 doses of the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine were administered. The program took place within 20 days at the Guadalupe-Tornillo International Bridge!

BIO El Paso - Juárez, aware of the needs of the region, has participated and supported the organizing associations in the vaccination program at the Texas border. With the appearance of Covid-19, world society has had to adapt and transform. This has been very necessary to cope, face and overcome the pandemic.

The development of vaccines has been a key factor in reducing the effects of the disease and stopping the infections. Since its inception, the scientific community has strived to develop safe vaccines in record time.

The current challenge is divided into two phases. On the one hand, to develop all the required vaccines to cover the world population. On the other, to distribute them efficiently. To achieve this last objective, it is essential to implement effective vaccination programs with a wide scope.

Vaccination program for maquiladora workers

Throughout the month of July, a vaccination program was running on the border of El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez. The objective of this program was to vaccinate the workers of different maquiladora companies.

These workers had to be all over 18 years of age. Then, it was arranged that the different maquiladora companies facilitate the transport of workers to the vaccination site.

Execution of vaccines

This strategy was born by a proposal from the representatives of the maquiladora companies. They were interested in applying more than 30,000 doses donated by the US to the workers of the sector. The vaccine donated is the Johnson & Johnson, of a single application, and they were applied in a period of four weeks.

This particular immunization process took place on the international bridge of the Tornillo-Texas border. This neutral space for vaccination was obtained thanks to the collaboration of the United States Customs and Protection Office.

Fundamental objective of the vaccination program

The fundamental objective of this cross-border program is the immunization of workers who work in the border area.

Vaccination of this group of workers is essential for the reactivation of this economic sector. This strategy favors the reopening of the border and the development of bilateral trade. Hence its importance and need.

In fact, this program has served as inspiration for the authorities of the region. Many are already considering similar programs with multiple vaccination centers to achieve herd immunity.

In the same way, it is intended to replicate this strategy in other border cities, where vaccination plans are more delayed. The general idea is to encourage these cross-border agreements constantly.

Joint efforts

This vaccination program was achieved thanks to the efforts of many government entities and non-profit organizations. This demonstrated the common will to face the pandemic to achieve the best results for society. Among the entities and institutions involved in this program are:

A constant commitment

From BIO El Paso - Juárez, the promise to actively intervene in the development of programs designed to respond to Covid-19 is constantly renewed.

Likewise, the commitment is also to participate in any event that has as its objective the preservation of health; especially of workers in the industrial sector. In addition to making significant contributions from the medical industry, to the evolution and development of global health.

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