Devise Product Realization Hub a program that develops innovation in the industry of Juarez and El Paso

May 21, 2022

Devise Product Realization Hub a program that develops innovation in the industry of Juarez and El Paso

The biomedical sector in the region of Juarez and El Paso has proven to be one of the most competitive worldwide, consequently constant training and development have become essential. Due to this need, the Medical Center of Americas Innovation Center in conjunction with Bio El Paso - Juarez has created the Devise Product Realization Hub program, an initiative that seeks to promote manufacturers and suppliers with updated professionalization and certifications worldwide standards such as ISO. This is in coordination with strategic partners such as Fab Lab El Paso and Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC).

The objective is to contribute to the medical manufacturing ecosystem in the city, making it grow and increasing the variety and quality of local suppliers.

Thanks to the support of institutions such as the U.S. Economic Development Administration, comprehensive support will be provided to local companies, assisting them in development processes, production planning and supervision, and quality standards.

For the region, a total of 144 hours of training have been carried out for the implementation of this program, where different approaches were addressed, such as general professional development, project management, or Lean Six Sigma (a methodology focused on quality improvement).

Currently, four companies are actively participating in the program, implementing ISO certifications, and receiving guidance in their processes from expert associations such as the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC). On the other hand, a manufacturer in the textile industry has already managed to complete the documentation and improve its internal processes and is waiting external audits to confirm its ISO 9001:2015 certification.

In terms of innovation, there is a record of at least 11 companies that receive support in the processes of product ideation and development, as well as the creation of prototypes. Along with these processes that encourage the creation, we have also sought to link-local companies with manufacturing environments in which they can contribute their value and generate a symbiosis between the global and local markets.

Bio EPJ’s vision is reflected in programs such as Devise, where the search for competitiveness and quality guides us to work in coordination between industry, institutions, and associations. We invite you to follow Devise, a program that is transforming the frontiers.

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