Medical device industry grows in the region - Jackie Buttler

July 28, 2022

Medical device industry grows in the region - Jackie Buttler

Last July 12, the Mexico Industry team did a great piece on the outlook for the BioMedical industry in Juarez and El Paso, interviewing the director of the Bio EPJ Cluster Bio EPJ.

The cluster informed the media focused on the different manufacturing industries that despite the pandemic and the closures caused by Covid-19, there is an estimated growth for the biomedical industry of 5% with the possibility of it being even higher.

This growth is due to the continuing demand for medical products, which began during the pandemic, coupled with global pressures to regionalize production and supply chains for critical products.

In addition to providing an overview of the estimates for the industry, mention was also made of the current challenges facing the biomedical industry on both sides of the border: Lack of raw materials Increase in supply prices Saturation of sterilization centers

“In the last year, there have been reports of materials increasing in price from 20% to 50%. One extraordinary case was the connectors used by RexMed, which increased in price by 137%. As for the obstacles posed by product sterilization, many manufacturers have to transport their materials to other locations to make long lead times more efficient. However, this brings with it logistical problems,” he said.

We invite you to read Mexico Industry’s article to keep you informed of the outlook for the region and the industry: Industria de dispositivos médicos crece en la región

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