Suma Medica is the winner of the sixth generation of The Bridge Accelerator program

June 9, 2022

Suma Medica is the winner of the sixth generation of The Bridge Accelerator program

At Bio El Paso Juárez we are very proud and full of joy for the recent appointment of Suma Médica as the winner of a $10,000 seed money from The Bridge Accelerator program because it was the most outstanding company in the different levels of the program.

The Bridge Accelerator is a program that seeks to stimulate the industry on the northern border, composed of Juarez and El Paso, to connect international companies with companies that stand out locally.

A team of instructors coordinated the teams from the different companies to improve their processes and consequently their products.

Suma Medica had excellent participation in the implementation of this training. Integrating in the best way the improvement of operations, playbook, tools in its business model, marketing, and sales.

The event also highlighted the jury table, composed of people who have excelled in the promotion of entrepreneurship and improvement of industries in the region of Juarez and El Paso. One of these people was Jackie Buttler, operations manager of Bio EPJ.

Without a doubt, we are very happy for Suma Medica, because this shows us that within the Biomedical sector great things are being generated, which will be reflected in our area.

We are also very grateful to The Bridge Accelerator for inviting companies belonging to the BIO EPJ cluster and members of our team such as Jackie Buttler. We are sure that by coordinating efforts between the Biomedical sector and programs such as TBA we will be able to generate a great impact in the border area.

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