Technology trends in the medical device industry

March 7, 2022

Technology trends in the medical device industry

Medical devices are changing all the time. These tools producers seek better ways to identify, diagnose, and take care of diseases.

-Cybersecurity importance in the medical device industry

As technology advances, so do the risks and the number of hackers. With that in mind, industries have to pay attention to their processes’ security, including the daily information that companies in the healthcare and medical sector share. Medical companies must have special care in their security info level to avoid data theft.

For example, the company Mechatronics automation, one of BIO El Paso-Juárez’s members that have increasingly developed and applied industrial Cybersecurity systems to protect computer systems and networks from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data.

-Wearable tech in the healthcare sector

Wearable technology started as a simple idea to help people track their steps on the go.

The number of people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle is rising. Today’s devices are much more informative than previous years, leading these individuals not to miss any information about what to eat and how active their lives tend to be every day - but now tracking trends becomes even easy!

With these tracking technologies, health professionals can monitor a person’s blood pressure or heart rate, optimizing patient care. This is possible by the provided data guiding them towards better patient outcomes in one source.

BD, a member of the BIO El Paso-Juárez Biomedical Cluster, is committed to promoting technological innovation, informing policymakers and patients on research that will shape future healthcare practices.

-Internet of Medical Things ( IoMT)

Another new technology is the Internet of Medical Things, where the medical device industry interconnects devices and advanced healthcare systems.

Optimizing your medical practice is a key component of our healthcare services. With these IoMT programs’ operations are optimized to run efficiently and effectively leading to better patient outcomes for everyone involved!

-3D printing in the healthcare sector

3D printers are one of the most used technologies in our industry today, used for several medical applications, from replicating organs to creating 3D models that could help doctors with diagnosis and treatments!

For example, custom-made organs can be created for each patient. Prostheses are also made to order and specifically designed according to their requirements by healthcare professionals who work in this field of expertise every day on patients around the world without fail.

The 3D printing service provider Filament has been an integral part of our medical device community by providing essential prosthetics tools. They have worked on developing new approaches to transform this field through digitalization. The impact that their work can reap on other industries will change the medical device field!

-Virtual Reality in the medical industry

Virtual reality is an exciting and innovative tool for healthcare professionals. It can improve the way they do their jobs, from training sessions to surgeries!

New Discovery Tech is a company dedicated to immersive technology. They’ve worked with major employers and medical manufacturing industries to develop applications such as virtual reality and augmented reality training systems for the medical device industry - helping people be more productive at work while reducing costs or injuries on both sides!

BIO El Paso - Juárez, Devise Hub and the actuality technologies

BIO El Paso - Juárez is collaborating with the most advanced technologies to strengthen its efforts in innovation and create a defense against pandemic situations. The group will also be investing heavily into generating jobs for Americans, which are crucial now due to our country being hit hard by economic problems.

Devise Product Realization Hub through its partnership with the medical cluster in this region, has taken on a new task to help innovative entrepreneurs succeed and provide services for companies involved within the healthcare industry.

Devise can assist in the technological transformation of the medical device industry with digitally engineered designs and prototypes for manufacturing testing.

BIO El Paso - Juárez is a bi-national organization that strengthens the biomedical manufacturing industry with new technologies.

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